An Attempt to Blog


After several failed blogging attempts, I am back trying and hopefully I’ll keep on track. A year ago, I purchased my own domain, which only had one post for an entire year. Yes. One. Single. Lonely. Post. Realizing how bullshit that move was, I discontinued paying and deleted everything in it. I mean, deleted that one post.  Talk about money shoved into the trash. Anyway, I am a woman who moves on easily so I won’t be spending precious digital space for regrets.  Instead, I’ll recount what happened to me after graduation. It’s been 6 years since graduation and much have changed but tbh, I still am the same potato who finished off college 19th of March 2011- except that I gained significant amount of weight.

So after graduation, where did Diana go?

Young and free Diana had a two-month rest following graduation. Together with her college blockmates, Hera and Sheryl, she visited Kidapawan City without her parent’s knowledge (Sorry, parents). On June 2011, Diana flew to Manila to embark on a supposedly 3-year contract as a Jr. Management Trainee in a prominent conglomerate in the Philippines. Three years was cut to 8 months when a pregnancy test came out positive and Diana was a bit too immature to handle pregnancy shame at that time. Morning sickness got the better of her when she decided to quit working one day of February 2012. She later cut ties with her coworkers/friends and deleted every one of them on Facebook. I bet by now they remember her as the girl who vanished midday.

(Shifting now to first person point of view)

September 3, 2012– I gave birth to a pinkish/reddish little boy who wailed non-stop on our first night together. I could tell he was crying to the heavens asking what sin he has committed in his past life to deserve an incapable mother like me.  Alas, my child. I guess you got no choice.

February 25, 2013– Just four months after I gave birth, I started working for SM (Laguna) as an IT Officer and I swear I had nothing but a spark of confidence to survive such a technical role. My IT counterparts were pretty generous to help me out, btw. They were very patient in answering my questions.

December 26, 2013– I got married. Yay!

February 8, 2016– An answered prayer. I was transferred to my hometown, Davao City. This was, however, a difficult time for me because I had to adjust and make friends all over again. But now I’m happy and well-adjusted. I should be.

March 26, 2017– I’m still here in Davao. I’m having some quiet “me time” now since my son is out on his first ever sleep over at my brother’s apartment. He’s just 4 yet he decides on his own.

These are just highlights of my life. In a span of 6 years I had a number of failures, embarrassments, travels,  learning, growth, etc. I gained so much wisdom (and weight, too!), and I shed some friends along the way. But that’s life. You win some, you lose some. For now, I’mma sleep some. Good night! 🙂


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