The Blogathon Challenge

Blog Blogathon

While browsing online, I stumbled upon this blog of a young Filipina based in South Korea. She and her friend had this “blogathon” challenge. The mechanics of the challenge is pretty simple. They post entries on their blogsites with topics that start with letter A to Z. So by the end of their challenge, their blog sites should have 26 entries with titles starting with letter A to Z. I’m going to copy their idea and will do the blogathon challenge as well, but with a slight twist! Instead of topics starting from A to Z, mine will have to end with A to Z. Got it? Here’s an example.


First blogathon entry title- GYOZA

Second entry title- COMB

Third entry title- ECTOPIC

These are just examples. I will not be choosing any topic just to comply with the rules of the challenge. My posts will be personal and significant for me, of course. This challenge must end in 3 months. Okay Diana, three months! Wish me luck, humans. See you on my first blogathon entry soon. 🙂


What do you think?