Blogathon Sewing

Oh how do I explain my love for fabrics.

Tela love.

I remember entering a fabrics shop (Thimbleberry) here in Davao and literally stopping by the entrance to do a panoramic gaze. The piles of rolled fabrics in different colors and textures were hypnotizing.

My love for sewing started sometime in my college life. I did not have the funds to buy the clothes I liked and I could only dream of having a sewing machine to make my own outfits. Whenever I see a flowy chiffon blouse in retail stores, I always think I can make it at a minimal cost.

It was in 2015 when my husband surprised me with a sewing machine as present for my 26th birthday. That day was easily one of the best moments of my life. 🙂

I started practicing on my own, sewing pajamas for my son. Of course, palpak (failure). Either the crotch was too high or the hip area was too narrow. But I was persistent. I Googled, Youtubed and practiced even more until I was able to sew skirts, dresses and simple infinity gowns (not using patterns yet).


I wanted to enroll at a formal dress and pattern making class but I had no time and I had a hard time finding an institution which offers these courses. The only school I can find in Davao was FIDA (Fashion Institute of Design & Arts) and it was expensive. Then I learned that my coworker’s mom is a master cutter (perhaps an expert in making patterns).  So I begged her to tutor me on Saturdays. Good thing she agreed!

Yesterday was my first class with her and I learned so much already, from making a pattern for a fitted-top to biasing for skirts with bits of tips and tricks on the side.

Here’s a photo of the crop top I made as a product of my pattern-making class yesterday. This was supposed to be a dress but then I mistakenly cut the fabric too short so I turned it into a crop top instead.


Can’t wait to learn more! See you on my next post. 🙂


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