My Migraine Story


I am writing in between yawns not because I am sleepy but because I have a migraine attack. I keep yawning when I have headaches. There must be some sort of a scientific explanation to that (I’ll research on that some other time.).

My headaches occur mostly on one side of my head, above my left or right brow. It’s a throbbing pain which worsens when I do rapid eye movements and when I am exposed to lights and sounds or noise. I remember having this kind of headache when I was in third grade. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most painful, mine is usually around 8. The pain disables me. I just have to be at home on my bed, eyes shut beneath a blind-fold, listening to spa music and sniffing some meditation balm (from Oryspa).  This ritual does not automatically heals me, but it keeps me calm and assured knowing that I am home and I can be myself when I vomit.

My headaches do not follow a schedule. They just come around any time perhaps twice to thrice a month, first thing in the morning. I wake up to a throbbing forehead and it worsens when I disregard it. For years, Paracetamol (Biogesic) has been my remedy until such time when I got “immuned” to it and I had to take Mefenamic Acids instead. Just recently, I think I got “immuned” to Mefenemic and started taking Ibuprofen. I have prescription for migraine but stopped taking them since they get me drowsy all the time.

Migraine sucks. That’s my point. Thanks for your time. Good night! 🙂

P.S. I notice I get migraine attacks when I eat chocolates and/or my period is coming/ongoing/ending making it all the more difficult to predict.


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