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It is summer here in the Philippines and the sun is blazing like crazy. What better way to keep cool than hit the beach and plunge in the water. I’ve had two beach trips since summer started and my skin has been dark and burnt. Some call it “sun-burnt”, I prefer “sun-kissed”.

Anyways, allow me to share with you our one-day Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island travel itinerary.

Talicud Island is part of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte, famous for its white sand and pristine beaches. It is home to popular resorts such as Isla Reta, Dayang and Babusanta.


I have been to Dayang Beach Resort in 2011 with two of my friends. We had the resort all to ourselves because it was just beginning to gain popularity back then.

Last Good Friday, March 15, my friends (Kat and Kelly) and I went to Dayang to chill.  I was relieved to see the beach maintain its beauty. Going there on a holiday was not really a good idea due to the swarm of people, but the beach has its way of charming me to focus on its waves and turquoise water. The beach is still pretty (sans the people). Even the rates remain inexpensive. Two things I did not like, though: random garbage and stinky restrooms.


  • The boat left Sta. Ana Wharf at around 7:40 am and arrived in Talicud at 8:30 am. As per boat personnel, they have hourly trips to and from Dayang Beach Resort on that day because it is a holiday. I’m not sure about their regular schedule. (Fare: 150PHP)
  • There is a longer route if you prefer adventure and/or hassle:
  1. Take the barge from Sasa, Davao City to Babak, Samal (Fare: 10PHP)
  2. From Babak, ride a “habal-habal” (motorbike) going to Kaputian Island. (Fare: 100PHP per head)
  3. Then ride another boat going to Talicud Island (near Isla Reta).
  4. Lastly ride another “habal-habal” going to the other side of Talicud Island where Dayang Beach Resort is located. This is a bumpy trip. (Fare: 80PHP per head)


  • Upon arrival, nobody greeted us to collect any fees so I have no idea how much the entrance fee is, although some blogs provide rates. Go check them out.
  • Some guy (we assumed he’s a resort personnel) approached us when we were leaving and collected 200PHP for our table rental.


  • We brought food with us so we did not have to buy and cook at the resort. I have not seen a market and/or a restaurant near the resort so I suggest you bring your baon and water (and utensils). They do have a small store, though. They sell softdrinks and perhaps toiletries. Nothing fancy.


  • This is a no-frills resort. You only get nature in its simplest form. If you expect tiled and scented rest rooms then you’ll end up getting hurt. CRs here are unfortunately stinky.


  • The beauty of the beach negates whatever heartbreak you have with the restrooms. So hold your urine and just swim.
  • There are many Instagrammable spots where you can have your photos taken candidly. Just a warning, there is a bent coconut tree on the far end of the resort and as much as you want to have your “look-away” shot taken on that tree, DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT. There’s a colony of ant living on the trunk of that tree. My friend was a victim and I felt bad for her. She couldn’t stop scratching her butt and legs! AVOID THAT TREE (Photo below). You’re welcome. 🙂
  • Bring a shawl or a boho blanket and listen to your favorite music or enumerate the consequences of quitting your job (if you have any), as you lie on the grass.
  • Write a poem about how scorching hot the sun is or make a haiku about the sand.
  • Take millions of selfies, groufies, wefies until your gadget falls into the water.
  • Swim and swim and forget about sunscreen.
  • Swim some more then let the sun dry you before you head home. This is better than changing in the restroom.


This blog is not much help, I know. This is my first travel blog, btw. If you find this helpful, that’s great. If not, you don’t have to rub it in. To my firm believers, see you on my next blogathon entry. 🙂


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