How I Spend My Weekends


If you have read my previous post then you will know I am an employee. I work 9am to 7:30pm on Mondays to Fridays. I take my rest days every weekend. Yes, 10.5 hours per day is quite a long time for work. That is why I always look forward to the weekend.

Beginning 2016, I stopped being lazy on my rest days. I felt like I lost so much time because of either sleeping or browsing on social media apps. I promised myself to get a hobby and spend my weekend productively. As of today, I continue to plan my activities for the weekend so when Monday comes, I feel animated and prepared to go through another set of workdays. Today I’m going to document here how I usually spend my weekend.

Btw, Another Weekend Gone is a product of my commitment to myself to do something productive on my rest days.

On Saturdays, I teach in Ateneo de Davao University. Last semester, I taught two subjects- Tech Entrepreneurship and Project Management. For now, I am not teaching since I did not get any loads for summer classes but I’ll be back teaching by June.

My previous students during one of their exams.

When I’m not teaching (and money-permitting), I go to a fabrics shop, well of course, to buy fabrics. Then I spend the rest of the day or the weekend sewing.

Sewing Machine
My sewing machine- Singer Promise 1408

When my back begins to ache, I stop sewing and rest a bit. Then I grab my brush pens to practice calligraphy. This relaxes me a lot. Here are some of my writings.

I hate to admit this but whenever I need a new profile picture, I do makeup and photoshoot. When Kat is here in Davao, we do it together. It’s a lot of fun. You should do it too.

(No photo for this. Lol. )

Depending on my mood, I play the guitar. I am definitely not a pro in this but I can play songs with simple chords. I hate bar chords.

I didn’t make the drawings.

When I was still in San Pablo City, I find comfort in doing mani/pedicure. I repaint my nails almost every weekend. I no longer do it now mainly because my son does a lot of chaos in everything I do and things could get messy.

Back then when I can still paint my nails every weekend.

When I feel a bit under the weather or I do not have cash, I watch some Korean Drama series. I only watch series with pretty casts. I started with The Legend of the Blue Sea and Oh My Venus. I finished them and now I am trying to finish Goblin. I do not find the leading lady pretty so I’m not really keen on finishing it. I just watch it when I really have nothing to do.

Please note that while I do all these activities (except for teaching), my son is just around the corner, interrupting me by taking my things (tape measure, pens, capo, etc.) and playing with them.

See you on my next blogathon entry. 🙂


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