Please Leave My Hair Alone.


(This is not a blogathon entry.)

naturally curly hair
My naturally wavy/curly hair.

Yesterday, a close friend told me how awful my hair is. To quote, “Plastic lang ang magsasabing maganda buhok mo.” Well I admire his honesty and tbh I did not hate him whatsoever. He is entitled to his own opinion.

My hair is wavy/curly. It is frizzy and untamed. Combing exaggerates the frizz, hence I do not comb that much. Last 2014, I decided to stop getting my hair rebonded and just embrace my natural hair. It was tough. I had to iron it every morning so I can let it down. Otherwise, I’ll have it in a ponytail to hide the mess. Then one day I just let it loose without ironing or curling, etc. If I may say, people complimented my hair. They liked it. But of course, there are also those who make fun of it. One time, I received a manual electrical fan from our Kris Kringle with the theme “something that describes the person”. So I got “mahangin”. Until now I’m not sure if he meant mahangin as in mayabang (I don’t think I’m arrogant.) or mahangin because my hair looks like it’s been in a whirlwind.

I personally think my hair is okay. It’s not awful. It’s just that it is not what society perceives as beautiful.

It is quite saddening to be reminded how the world defines beauty. Straight hairs are the bomb. Naturally curly hairs are cute, but the ones saying that do not even want to have curly hairs. Sometimes people go overboard and instruct you to have your hair rebonded to be perfectly pretty. Sometimes I am tempted to retaliate but I get lazy. After all it will not do any good. People are people. Close-minded people are still people, if that makes sense.

If I did not make it clear, I am fine with my hair and I do not need your advise either to comb it or to have it straightened. Okay? Thank you so much. šŸ™‚


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