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When I came back in Davao City after over three years of being away, I noticed the rise of food establishments. Cafés, restaurants, dessert shops and other food-related businesses grew in number. When I was in college, me and my classmates only go to McDonald’s to celebrate events (birthdays, end of exams, failures, thesis defense, etc.). Trying out restaurants or cafés was not yet a thing in our time.

Last Friday, October 13, 2017, my officemate and I went to Spark Coffee + Crafts in Marfori to satisfy our curiosity and/or cravings. Spark has a good social media visibility with their photos very much eye-candy. Their Instagram account (@sparkdvo) is hashtag feed goals. Props to their digital marketing team.

With my officemate, Jay

I’m no food blogger but I CAN EAT and I CAN GIVE MY OPINIONS as well. 😊

Before anything else, Spark Coffee + Crafts is located at Unit 56C, Paseo Uno Bldg., Ruby Corner Opal St., Marfori, Davao City. There are no jeepney routes near the place, I guess. You can always come via cab, car or trike (?). Find a way, dude.😂

The place is relatively small, but not stuffy. We went around 8pm and it was not yet cramped. By around 9 to 10pm, guests started arriving. Their space, though small, is pleasantly decorated.


Here’s their menu:


We tried their Lasagna (195PHP) and Iced Caramel Macchiato (115PHP). I am not a coffee drinker so I cannot make a comparative study with all the other caramel macchiatos out there in the market. All I know is I like their caramel macchiato more than Starbucks. The price influenced my taste, I think.


Now let’s talk about their lasagna. Hmmm. Just a background, I’ve only eaten lasagna twice before – Greenwich and at my college classmate’s house. Please understand that lasagna is not my favorite food. I can go on living without eating it. Spark’s lasagna was good, it tastes delicious. I wasn’t launched to outer space when I tried it, though. In other words, it was normal, but delicious. 😂


I decided to check out Spark not because of their food but because of calligraphy. At Spark, they let you use their brush pens to scribble or doodle while eating. They also sell hard to find brush pens from Japan at a good price. For me it was the highlight of this café.


I’d definitely want to come back to try out their other food items. 😊

P.S. Last Friday’s visit at Spark reignited my love for calligraphy. As a result, I created another Instagram account solely for my calligraphy works. Follow @diana.scribbles if you want to check it out.


Thanks for your time!😊


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