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Hello, everyone!😊

It’s been 5 days since I came back from an 8-day trip to SG and MY yet I am still sepanxing right now.

On my 28th birthday, October 24, I got the chance to fly to Singapore to get some R&R. It’s my second time visiting a foreign country and boy was I excited! My friends and I explored Singapore beginning Oct 24 (6pm) until Oct 28 (1pm) and ventured further to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until Oct 30. That was the longest period of travel I experienced so far, and the most fun.

Sharing with you our travel itinerary, drafted by my friend, Chel.


Singapore is by far the best country I’ve been to (‘coz I’ve only been to Hong Kong and Malaysia. HAHAHA.) SG’s transaportation system (which everyone who visited SG raved about) is impressive. You can just simply input in your current location and your desired destination and it will give you the correct route (including MRT stations, bus numbers, and walking distance). All you need is mobile data/Wi-Fi and common-sense to explore SG like a pro. The bus routes can be confusing that’s why we ended up circling SG but for tourists like us, we enjoyed getting lost! The buses are peaceful and spotless- a perfect place to relax those sore legs while enjoying the street view of SG.

Kuala Lumpur is amazing as well. Their MRT system is also worth acknowledging. Prices in KL are almost similar here in the Philippines. Quite a relief after spending 5 days in SG where a can of soda costs triple as it is here in PH.

Traveling is like therapy for me. I am happy to add new places visited to my list. I don’t have a bucket list. I just list new places I’ve traveled- a list I keep somewhere in my soul. Chos. Padeep.

Take a look at our travel video:

Thank you so much for you time!😊


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