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I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been to Cebu already. I’ve been to Cebu as well, around thrice since 2010. Did you know that my first airplane ride was bound for Cebu? It was for our plant tour way back in college. My first impression of Cebu was a bit negative. I thought Cebu was crowded and polluted, the streets were too narrow thus the bad traffic. I haven’t been to Manila that time so I was not aware there can be worse. At that time, we only toured around the city so I had no idea how beautiful Cebu is.

Looking back on my Cebu trip last 2016 with friends, I came to like Cebu in an instant. We did a day tour down south and visited Oslob, Sumilon, Tumalog Falls and Kawasan. Except for the whale-shake diving spot in Oslob, every attraction was awesome.

Last November 15-17, I visited Cebu again, this time with my family. It was their first time to be in Cebu so a city tour is proper. We covered Magellan’s Cross, Basilica Minore del Sto Nino and Fort San Pedro.

Magellan’s Cross
Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño

On our second day, we went to South Cebu. My brother wanted to swim with the whale sharks so we had to go to Oslob.

As usual, I didn’t swim with the butandings.

After that we went to Aguinid Falls. It was suggested by the van owner so we included it in our itinerary.
Aguinid Falls was super duper breathtaking- not your typical falls. It has 6 levels which you can (and should) conquer. Quite a challenge but definitely effort-worthy. Level 0 was easy- peasy. I can do it with eyes closed. Haha. Kidding. Level 0 to 2 are child friendly in my opinion. My son conquered Level 2 with guidance from our sharp and alert tour guides. Two tour guides are required for this activity, by the way. Just so you know, my son doesn’t like being in the waters (Beach, falls, lakes, etc). He just recently liked swimming in the pool. So for him to conquer level 2 of Aguinid Falls was a milestone and a whole-lot of anxiety on his part. If your child loves swimming, I guess conquering all levels is possible, of course with the assistance of the guides. Our guide even offered to carry my son but I decided not to venture further ‘coz my son was already crying. So yes, I only conquered level 2. My father decided to stay with us. My mother and siblings moved on until the last level. We waited at Level 2 with much awe and thankfulness. The strong current of the falls are perfect for back massages. I wish I brought a water-proof camera with me so I can show you how beautiful Aguinid Falls is. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, I could marry it. I cannot wait to go back.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5

To see more beautiful photos per level, read this blogpost.

After Aguinid Falls, we went back to the city to visit Sirao Farm and Temple of Leah. Too bad, it was raining hard by the time we reached Sirao. We saw the flowers while inside the van so we think that’s enough. The driver’s assistant offered to take photos of the place inside so I got these photos.SnapseedLRG_DSC03105SnapseedSnapseedSnapseedWe were not able to go to Temple of Leah because according to the driver, the temple closes early when it rains due to possibilities of landslide.

Our final day in Cebu was dedicated to pasalubong shopping.

Vertu Residences, Salinas Drive Ext., Lahug
Contact Ms. Genevieve at 0923-649 2429
Ms. Gen was a nice host. I liked that the check-in procedure did not require any human interaction (except where you get the key from the guard). She patiently answered all my queries and was thoughtful to ask how our stay has been.

VAN RENTAL (South Cebu Day Tour)
5500PHP for a whole day trip
You may contact Mr. George of Cebu Car Rental Services at 0915-464 9776.
Sir George was helpful in making me decide what attractions to include in our tour. He even suggested Aguinid Falls which was the highlight of this trip. He gives discounts. Even the van driver and his assistant were also kind and positive. I guess Cebuanos in general are just good-natured. 😊

We booked Grab Car (6-seater) for our city tour.

-Paolito’s STK Ta Bai at Climaco St., Cebu City
-AA’s Original Barbecue at Salinas Drive
-7-Eleven (HAHA)

That’s it! Thank you for your time.😂


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