Has It Only Been Six Months?

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Much has happened in a span of 6 months and it feels like I have been here in New Zealand for longer than that. Has it only been 6 months?! There are so many changes in my daily living (and life in general) that it feels like I’ve been here forever. One thing I learned- it is NOT easy to live abroad. What keeps me put together is the sight of my family being complete after years of living separately. You need to have an inspiration and all other positive values and characteristics you could possibly think of. Inspiration is the only thing that reminds me of the reason why I am here and going through the struggles. Struggles like waking up earlier than the usual, having to cook, walking to get to work, not finding and getting the job I should be getting but don’t necessarily want (including pressure from useless people), adapting to a mixture of cultures and attitudes at work, missing friends, trouble understanding a different accent, worrying about my child settling in school, etc. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just one overly anxious human being who worries a lot and keeps pressuring myself. Every time I begin to sulk and focus on the difficult, I try my best to keep myself reminded of my inspiration and that is my family. (And as I was typing this, Nina is singing “You’re a positive motivating force within my liiiiife.” in the background)

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: If you have plans of moving abroad, be inspired and you’ll be fine. And don’t be lazy. Inspiration alone won’t work.

So it’s been six months and I think I have slightly adapted to the changes. I have a job and I work with young people from other places. Culture shock is real but I am getting by. I no longer have that major self-consciousness of being in a different place. I am slowly getting used to seeing blondes, hearing English all the time and this place is slowly beginning to feel like home. I already established some routines, and have few foreign friends. I also came to terms with myself regarding my career. In short, I am accepting the present and living life with all it’s “sh*t!”, “f*ck!” and “haha’s”. New Zealand is a beautiful, beautiful country. (I said beautiful in the deep manly voice of my workmate. I wish you could hear it.) We’ve also traveled to a few places here and everything is just so pretty. Worth every struggle! Sharing some photos of the places we’ve been to. Basta naay laag, payts! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Has It Only Been Six Months?”

    1. Hey! I just read this. All good, getting by but bored as well. New Zealand is a really quiet place. Perfect for relaxation and everything but there are moments when you also want a little bit of chaos and disorder and that’s when I terribly miss PH. 🙂

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