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Warning: Lengthy story-telling post below. Contains grammatical errors and run-on sentences. Hope you won’t mind.❤️

Long time since my last post here. I’ve been busy and unmotivated to publish something the past few months.

But I made sure to post something today because it is my one year anniversary here in New Zealand! I can still remember how anxious I was the same day last year. I especially remember letting go of my oils and balms in the amnesty bins at the airport. 😭

I am writing today with a much much lighter heart because of the good things that’s been happening in my life right now.

For the past nine months I’ve been working part-time as a Pizza Chef and yes, I make pizzas. I make doughs, I toss doughs up in the air, I assemble pizzas and I cook them in a wood-fired oven. I can go on and show some skills but perhaps I’ll do that on a separate post.

That job was fun but also physically challenging. I get sore backs everyday and there are nights when I cry because of exhaustion. My husband would tell me to quit but I don’t want to stay at home and do nothing. So I always remind myself of the good things money can buy or the places money can bring me. Money has been a great motivation! Haha.

I applied to so so so many “office” jobs. It’s super rare to see IT vacancies here in Nelson. In a span of one year I’ve only seen three IT Helpdesk jobs and I applied to every single one of them. Among those three, I’ve been invited for an interview by one employer (but was unsuccessful), and never heard anything from the rest. Until I kind of lost hope and stopped applying. I felt sorry for myself. But I still maintained a positive disposition and accepted the possibility of me not being able to make a comeback in the field of IT. I was okay with that although I know I wasn’t entirely happy.

Then one day in June, I saw an IT Service Analyst post in Seek. I did not apply right away because I thought I still won’t get this job no matter how qualified I think I am. Then a few days later I saw the post again and this time I applied. I applied twice. Through the company website and through email. It’s been over a month since I applied and after a series of interviews, exams and checks, I can finally say, I got the job!

Three things I learned:

1. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

2. God says wait and gives you the best in His own time.

3. Be patient and learn another skill while waiting. (Ex. Pizza Making)

Thank you, Lord!❤️

Thanks for your time!



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